Levent Uysal, was born on May 29, 1968 in Mersin, is a Turkish businessman, entrepreneur and educator. He is the founder of Nisantasi University, starting its education in 2010; he is also the Chairman of Nisantasi Education and Culture Foundation.


Levent Uysal is the elder of the two sons of Associate Professor Cevdet Uysal and Fatma Uysal. Upon graduating from Agricultural Institute of Ankara University, Cevdet Uysal started his academic career at the same university.

Deciding to continue his academic career in Germany and moving there for this purpose, Cevdet Uysal is one of the most successful academicians in Turkey who lectured in Stuttgart University for 16 years and returned to Turkey after this sixteen-year lecturing period in Germany to put all his energy for the establishment of Cukurova University.

Having acquired his earliest experience in trade by spending time and working near his grandfather in his childhood, Levent Uysal moved to Istanbul upon his success in the university exam to study at the Department of Tourism Management at Istanbul University’s Institute of Economic Sciences. Like most of the university students, he worked at different sectors during his years as a student, thereby gaining work experience.

Awarded and honoured by the Rectorate of Istanbul University for his achievements in the department, Levent Uysal crowned his success with the educational fund awarded to the students by the business world. Following his graduation, he got a start in professional business life, beginning to work as an Assistant Specialist through a half-time employment at one of Turkey’s well-established companies. After his years with success and accomplishments at this position, he was promoted to the rank of senior manager at the biggest telecommunication company of Turkey. Leaving his office there, he entered a very different period in his life at the age of 42, focusing on and directing all his attention to education at the will of his late father.

One of the ardent advocates of education in Turkey, Uysal founded Nisantasi Vocational School in 2010 and Nisantasi University in 2012-2013 training year. One of the fastest-growing private universities with its nearly 30.000 students, Nisantasi University has the following campuses in which to offer education and all related services to its students; Sadabad, Pa┼ča, Osmanbey, Premier, Tarabya Campuses and also Maslak 1453 Smart Campus recently opened. Uysal is currently the owner and education volunteer of this university. Attaching a good deal of importance to educational quality, Uysal lends support both to his on university and to everybody, especially students, in every platform in Turkey as regards education. Uysal goes on investing in the future of Turkey with his attempts, studies, projects and works through his thirty-year-long professional career and stressing the importance of students.


He got married to Ece Uysal, his classmate whom he met when a student at Istanbul University. He is now married with two children.

With a deep interest in classical automobiles in the past, Levent Uysal follows today’s technology and its concomitant innovations closely. Besides being a good drone user along with his children, he is also interested in gastronomy. Taking big pleasure and delight in cooking and bringing together the different tastes of the world, Uysal is renowned for the delicious tables he cooks and prepares for his family and beloveds.