So Glad We Have You

Turkey is a big country. We have undergone a lot of events and war throughout our centuries-old history; we have suffered and struggled a lot.


It is Time for Unity and Solidarity…

The treacherous attempted coup, fulfilled by the FETÖ/PDY terrorist organization on 15 July 2016, was successfully repulsed and beaten down by means of the struggle of our glorious people and heroic security forces at the expense of their lives. Our nation proved to the world once more that they possess the freedom and full independence through their understanding of a single flag, a single nation, a single country and a single state.


May Success Be Always With You Whatever Your YGS Sore…

Our students are the raison d’etre of Turkey and its energy, and as such they sit for numerous national exams throughout their education to sustain their success and achievements continuously and for this purpose they study day and night. On this occasion I should make it clear here that YGS exam results announced today are not themselves a sign of success or failure. I, however, congratulate our students on their exams whatever the results may be.


Feeding the Mind and Body Properly

It goes without saying that everybody knows the close relationship between health and feeding. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” is a very famous quote by Hippocrates, who is accepted as the father of medical sciences. This quote of his has exerted positive influences on almost all people of different ages in different societies for centuries. A lot of scientific studies conducted so far show that some foods are capable of preventing, treating or triggering some diseases. These studies vindicate Hippocrates, who winked at us with his views centuries ago.


Be Prepared for the Future in Advance

As the rare and unique pearls of the perfectly-designed nature, we are all born into this beautiful world with new hopes, grow up and pass away like all the living beings. We are what and who we are through what we (can) do between birth and death in this short life. Whether we are wealthy or poor, fortunate or unfortunate, male or female, everybody is remembered for what they leave behind them, thus gaining an immortal name if any.


Today is Bairam; Children, Be Merry and Happy!

Man has always wanted to play with the time. Never content with the moment and/or present, he has either wanted to remain in the past or sought for the future.


The Possible against the Impossible

Supposing I told you that whatever you have considered “impossible” in your life so far is more “possible” than everything that you regard as likely today…



Art of Being Happy

We very much love making the life impossible for us. We would be very happy if we loved not giving it up equally much.


Yesterday and Tomorrow

Is it really that hard to love? It can’t be so difficult to love the animal, the soil, the air, a word, and above all, a human.